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Indiana Wesleyan University -- Lewis A. Jackson Library Interlibrary Loan. Gets books and articles from other libraries
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Get books and articles from other libraries!

Get your materials in 2 easy steps:

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  2. We will take care of the rest!

Books are typically available for pick up within 7-10 business days.
Articles are typically ready to download within 3-5 business days.

InterLibrary Loan Policies

  1. Interlibrary loan is a service provided to IWU faculty, staff and students for research materials IWU does not own or provide access to. Interlibrary loan is not for general, leisure and popular reading, or textbooks.
  2. Return borrowed material on time. Failure to return material on time will result in a $1 per day late fee.
  3. Take proper care of borrowed material and return it in good condition. You are liable for any lost or damaged material.
  4. In order to provide fair and equal service to all potential users, up to 10 items will be ordered per person per day.
  5. No user may have more than 25 active transactions at any one time. An active transaction includes an item on order, a book or media item that has been loaned to a person, a renewal request for a book or media item.
  6. Users with overdue interlibrary loan materials will not have any additional interlibrary loan materials ordered for/given to them until the overdue interlibrary loan materials have been returned.
  7. Renewal requests for interlibrary loan items must be submitted to the Interlibrary Loan Office at least two business days in advance of the due date. A renewal may only be requested once per item and is dependent upon approval by the lending library. The item is to be returned within 24 hours if the renewal request is denied.
  8. Exceptions may be made to the renewal policy if the requested item was delayed in the mail and the return date is less than 2 weeks from the date the item was received in the Interlibrary Loan Department.
  9. ILL books may be recalled by the lending library at any time. In this case, you must return the book to us within 48 hours of notification.

*Exceptions may be made by the Interlibrary Loan Supervisor

InterLibrary Loan FAQ's

What is Interlibrary Loan and how do I use it?

InterLibrary Loan, or ILL, borrows books and obtains copies of journal articles that the Jackson Library does not have access to online or in paper.

Who can use the ILL service?

Interlibrary loan is available to IWU faculty, staff and currently enrolled students.

What type of material can be borrowed though ILL?

Most circulating library material may be borrowed through ILL. These include books, journal articles, microfilm/microfiche, videos, and other library material.

What type of material can NOT be borrowed through ILL?

Reference books, textbooks for class use, entire journal issues, newspapers and rare books.

How do I request an InterLibrary Loan?

ILL requests must be placed through the online Interlibrary Loan request system. Login or create a new account at from the "Interlibrary Loan homepage"

How long does it take?

We recommended that you allow 3-5 days for article requests and 7-10 days for book requests.

Are there any fees for this service?

The IWU Library does not charge an ILL fee. However, some lending libraries charge a fee for lending their material. The ILL department will contact the patron if there is any cost involved above the amount indicated by the patron on the request form.

Are there any fines for overdue materials?

Patrons will be charged a $1 a day once the item is past its due date.

How do you know when your material is received?

The ILL department will e-mail you when the material has arrived.

Is there a limit to what you may borrow through ILL?

Yes. Patrons are limited to no more than 10 ILL requests per day and no more than 25 active ILL transactions at any one time.

What information do I need to request a journal article or a book?

Article - Journal title, Article title, Author, Volume, Issue, Date, and Page #'s Book - Title, Author, Publisher, Date of publication, and Edition (if applicable).

Can a book borrowed through ILL be renewed?

Yes, renewals may be requested through the IWU ILL department at least 2 days prior to the due date. Renewals are determined by the lending library.

Where do I pick-up and return ILL material?

ILL material may be picked up at the IWU Jackson Library Circulation Desk. Books must be returned to the Circulation desk. Please do not place in the book drop.